Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Product Spotlight: Nonin GO2 Achieve Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

A lot of things in life, especially when they’re health related, are out of our control. With the Nonin GO2 Achieve Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, control is quite literally in the palm of your hands. An oximeter was created to measure the oxygen saturation in blood and provide a reading that is faster than, but just as accurate as, taking a blood sample. It provides fast, accurate results and is easy to use.

neon green Nonin GO2 Achieve SpO2 Monitor

The Nonin GO2 is designed to be as effective and efficient as possible. From fun colors like blue, green, red, pink, white and orange, with an easy-to-read a screen that faces you, this product was designed with the customer in mind. Many oximeters will have the information facing you upside down. In the case of the GO2 oximeter, the screen faces you to make it easy to read the numbers when they pop up on the large, digital screen. This product, made in the USA, is durable and built to last. Small in size, the portable pulse oximeter can easily fit into a protective case and still not take up too much space.

Accurate Results
Nonin invented the first finger pulse oximeter and has continued to be the most trusted brand because of its accuracy. By giving quick and correct readings, this model reinforces why the brand should be trusted. No matter what environment you are in, you can always expect to get the right reading. Use the oximeter after you exercise, in high altitude or air travel and your results will consistently be reliable. Get hospital level results in the comfort of your own home or wherever life may take you.

Easy To Use
This product makes getting a reading very easy. There are no buttons to press; the process is as easy as slipping it on your finger, pressing a button and waiting for your results to appear. Also, don’t worry about forgetting a charger and having your oximeter dying on you. With this product, you can ditch the wall chargers and keep a single AAA battery on hand for weeks and weeks of power, and there aren’t any cords, wires or device startups to delay the reading.

Overall, the Nonin GO2 is the perfect medical device to have on hand. Avoid making that extra trip to the hospital to get your pulse rate and oxygen saturation readings. Purchase it today to provide yourself with quality health services at the tips of your fingers!


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