Friday, February 28, 2014

Top Accessories for Pulse Oximeters

When you buy a pulse oximeter for personal or medical use, you want to make the best use of it and ensure the long life of the product. And with the right accessories, you can easily do that. At Concord Health Supply,  not only do we stock the Nonin and Concord oximeters, but we also have an exhaustive selection of the oximeter accessories for all the different types of oximeters including finger pulse oximeter, handheld and tabletop oximeter. Here is our list of top accessories that you would need for your oximeter:

Oximeter Accessories

Carrying Cases, Lanyards & Wrist Bands

Provide the protection your oximeter needs and carry them with you easily anywhere with the right case. Our cases are compatible with the different Concord and Nonin oximeters available and include both soft and hard cases made specifically for each model. Around the neck lanyards are also available and have a breakaway feature for safety and convenience. Wrist bands and extensions are available particularly to use with wrist-worn pulse oximeters.


Having a high quality sensor is important for getting the most accurate SpO2 reading. We have a variety of sensors available including articulated adult finger clip sensors with a choice of 3', 6' or 9' connectors. These are reusable and ideal when the need is for short-term monitoring, stress-testing or spot checks and cross-contamination is not likely. Also comes in a pediatric version with a 3' connector.


For oximeters in hospital setting, the long cables are needed to be able to easily move the oximeter around. You can choose from a variety of cables such as nurse call cables in either two or three meter lengths. Other cables include sensor extension cables, USB computer download cables (for WristOx2) and WristOx2 adapter cables used for connecting 3150 or PureLight 9-pin sensors. Also find a selection of serial cables for use with various PalmSAT models.


It is important to use and replace the correct battery for oximeters. We have a variety of battery types used in pulse oximeters such as the 7.2-volt NiMH battery pack, N-cell batteries and AA 6-cell NiMH battery packs.

Power Supplies

Universal Nonin chargers are available with your choice of power cord to fit the outlet configuration of the country in which the unit will be used. We also have the complete universal charging setup for the Nonin PalmSAT 2500 that includes the power supply with cord, rechargeable battery pack, charging stand and owner’s manual.

Flex Wraps

These flexible sensors are a combination of a reusable sensor and a disposable adhesive wrap that keeps the sensor in place on the finger. Flex Wraps are available in three types: adult, infant and neonatal.


Tabletop oximeters can become portable units with the use of either of the 5-wheel rolling stands in either standard or deluxe models. Both feature adjustable pole heights and can easily bring a monitor in close proximity to a patient's bedside.


The data-management software allows for the collection and retention of patient data, creation of reports and enables that data to be faxed from the computer. Special printers are available to print color graphs in large font for easy reading or condensed for inclusion on a patient's chart.


The tubings are helpful to get a sample of EtCO2 while the patient is still breathing. It includes a NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure) tubing in a choice of straight or coiled. We also have Salter Labs® sample lines and cannulas and dual lines that deliver oxygen while simultaneously sampling CO2 levels.

Most of these accessories are important to get the best use out of your oximeters. So which of these accessories do you use regularly with your oximeters?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nonin 7500F0 Fiber Optic Tabletop Pulse Oximeter for MRI Review

The 7500FO pulse oximeter from Nonin Medical is a compact tabletop unit suitable for home or clinical use. The unit’s wide versatility allows it to be used with patients of all ages including infants, pediatric and adult patients. Instead of an uncomfortable “clothes pin” type sensor, the 7500FO uses a toe or finger wrap-around band. The special fiber-optic sensors make it ideal for MRI patients too.

Nonin 7500F0 Fiber Optic Tabletop Pulse Oximeter for MRI

For home users who have found other oximeters to be overly technical, difficult to use and hard to read, this is the answer. Other devices may have had compatibility issues, but this device will function as a stand-alone unit or easily connect with other diagnostic equipment when necessary.  The unit even works for veterinary applications for any species with a pulse rate below 321 bpm, making it suitable for dogs, cats and most other pets. For these applications, the 8000FI-20 or 8000FI-30 infant/pediatric fiber optic sensors should be used.

This unit is a perfect example to showcase how technology is revolutionizing the field of patient monitoring. The pulse oximetry technology is PureSAT, a sensor system with an excellent track record for accuracy. Data from the fiber optic sensors is shown on a large LED display for maximum readability, and over 70 hours of memory allow the extended monitoring needed for MRI patients. An array of display indicators are shown for readings of the highest reliability. The unit’s MRI compatibility is rated 3.0 tesla and has a pulse range of 18-321 beats per minute. A quick four-hour recharge gives it a minimal 30 hours of battery life. The rugged design ensures dependable performance and long life. Its compact design, versatility and easy mobility features make it a popular unit both with MRI professional and the patient at home.

Product Features of Nonin 7500FO Tabletop Oximeter

  • Compatible with MRI machines
  • PureSAT Pulse Oximetery Technology
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Over 70 hours of memory
  • Can be used for monitoring pediatric and adult patients.

There are a variety of accessories available for Nonin 7500FO such as carrying case, battery pack, nVision data management software, fiber optic sensors and cables. If you are looking to buy this oximeter unit, visit our website to get the best price and free shipping.