Friday, July 25, 2014

LungBoost Respiratory Trainer

There are many reasons individuals seek to improve lung capacity. For some, it’s a matter of athletic performance – wanting to be able to compete at a higher level for extended periods of time. This is exceptionally true in sports where breathing becomes a major factor – swimming, for example, the higher your lung capacity, the longer you can swim between breaths. For others, it’s a matter of quality of life – wanting to be able to improve their overall health and fitness.

The LungBoost Respiratory Trainer from ChoiceMMed is the ideal tool for improving your lung capacity and general respiratory health. Used in situations ranging from hospital recovery from smoke inhaliation and respiratory illnesses to athletic training facilities, the LungBoost is one of the most effective respiratory training devices available. Breate easier, feel better, and improve your performance. Multiple studies show that a respiratory trainer, in addition to fitness programs, improves the strength and endurance of your respiratory muscles.

Why should you choose LungBoost Respiratory Trainer over the competition? Simply put, LungBoost is one of the most effective products on the market, offering:  

  • Both low-intensity (rehabiliation and general fitness) and high-intensity (aerobic fitness/athletic performance) training modes.
  • Six resistance levels and five positions to truly customize your training experience to your needs. 
  • Real time display on a large, clear electronic monitor. 
  • Internal memory to keep track of your progress and set goals.
If you’re ready to improve your athletic performance or improve your overall health, LungBoost can help.  Get it today at Concord Health Supply, and visit us for more medical devices which help improve your health!

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