Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nonin PalmSat 2500 Oximeter without Alarm Product Review

The Nonin PalmSat 2500 Oximeter without alarm is the next generation handheld pulse oximeter. It uses advanced technology to provide accurate measurement of blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate readings, yet is small enough to comfortably fit in your hand. The PalmSat 2500 Oximeter displays blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings on a clear, easy to read LED digital screen. Designed to be versatile and easy to use, you can feel good knowing you are purchasing the best, highest-quality oximeter available on the market. You also have two options to choose from: with alarm or non-alarm version for your specific needs.

nonin palmsat 2500 oximeter without alarm

The main features of Nonin PalmSat 2500 handheld pulse oximeter includes  
  • Simple easy to use 2-way button operation
  • Compact size - 7.5 oz. unit for easy handling
  • 72 hours of data storage
  • Up to 100 hours of battery life
  • 3 flexible power options: AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, or AC power with charger stand
  • Works with Nonin's full line of PureLight® sensors
  • Low battery indicator

Advanced technology combined with algorithms based on years of clinical experience make the Nonin PalmSat 2500 Oximeter a smart design and a smart buy.  It has a wide range of functionality and is perfect to use in a variety of locations and settings such as: hospitals, emergency services, nursing homes, Pre & Post Op, physician’s offices to name a few. The device can also be easily connected to a PC to transfer data stored within its memory for analysis, report generation, and storage.  When you purchase The Nonin PalmSat 2500 Oximeter from Concord Health Supply, you are sure to save money and get FREE shipping on your order. Feel good knowing your results are accurate each and every time with this Nonin oximeter.

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